IIEES-CSC Logo Making Contest Champion



BS in Electrical Engineering, 4th Year, for being the CHAMPION in the entire Northern Mindanao Region of the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. - Council of Student Chapters (IIEE-CSC) logo-making contest held last March 1, 2021.

The winning entry will be used by IIEE-CSC Northern Mindanao as its official logo.

The concept behind the logo:


The logo represents the essence and image of electrical engineering.

The hand represents POWER of creativity and solidarity. Creativity,  in assembling electrical devices and improvising to attain better capacity. Solidarity,  which electrical engineering must-have, with hidden skills, desires, and sincerity to work hard for a goal.

The lightning represents ELECTRICITY that can light up the whole world. Thus, the logo shows "POWER of ELECTRICITY."

Engineering hands are so much powerful. They can change for the better, they can give opportunities for humankind, and they can promote globalization.

For the better, that people can be able to build their own business and companies through electricity.

Opportunities, for those people seeking a job to provide for the wants and needs of their families.

Promote globalization through electricity people invent machines nowadays. It makes our life faster and easier.

Electricity is useless without the hands of ours.

The black circle represents the WHOLE WORLD. In this whole world, we need electricity day and night.

Note from the designer: The designer used the elements of the logo because he wants to share its simplicity yet means deeply.

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