College of Engineering and Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Our Computer Science program provides a holistic approach in order to produce an effective computer scientists locally and regionally. It trained the students to study computing concepts and theories, algorithmic foundations and new development in computing industry. We trained the students to apply legal and ethical principles in designing and developing complex software’s and algorithms to solve complex problem.


The Computer Science Department was established at North Central Mindanao College in 2000. The department has offered the program of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science which was recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on the 22nd day of April 2002.

The department was first headed by Losmesindo T. Caparida, PhD and was consisted of only two faculty members namely Helen Taperla and Rubyrosa B. Luna (presently the school Vice President for Academic Affairs). The department started to operate with one Computer Laboratory and a few number of computer equipment and of enrollees. Until in 2007 the department has its computer facilities with more computers and has more students enrolled.


  • • Graduates will be employed in computing industries.
  • • Graduates will be responsible members of their profession by applying ethical principles in designing and developing effective software’s and algorithms in solving problem
  • • Graduates will be able to compete other computer scientists.


  • • Member of Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators
  • • Attended seminar and trainings regionally and Nationally
  • • Faculty is member of Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators
  • • Graduates are employed in Government and non-government agencies.
  • • An alumnus successfully developed and implemented grading template, mobile application and SMS Notification in NCMC.

Statement of Vision and Mission


To be a leading source of computer scientists locally and regionally who are able to formulate a complex software, solve complex problem with ethical and societal concerns.


1. Provide a trained and competitive computer science students who are responsive to the needs of the industrial and business organization.

2. Train students to design and create complex software.

3. Prepare students to solve complex problems applying skills and algorithmic principles.

4. Develop students to think critically, ethically and socially.


Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators. The Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE) is a professional body of information technology education practitioners in the Philippines. Its members are primarily academics; teachers of computer science, information technology, information and communication technology, engineering, mathematics and other allied fields. Industrial practitioners, however, such as programmers, systems analysts, web developers and others are welcomed as well.