College of Engineering and Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering is a four-year degree program that provides students a strong theoretical and experimental understanding of the principles underlying hardware and software, digital systems, signal processing, electrical equipment, instrumentation, and machine control.

Equipped with a broad background of theoretical and practical knowledge, the Electrical Engineering graduate has a wide range of careers from which to choose: power generation and distribution, research and design, teaching, sales, and management.

The Electrical Engineering curriculum also provides an excellent “feeder” degree for those students uncertain about choosing a specific career. The knowledge gained through a study of the physical sciences, mathematics, engineering, written and oral communications, humanities, and social sciences provides an excellent background for many career choices.


2019 EE National Quiz Show

a team of Quizzers represented NCMC during the National EE Quiz Show held at Mapua University, Manila on March 1, 2019.

2018 EE Regional Quiz Show

NCMC Quizzers won 2nd Runner Up during the 32nd EE Regional Quiz Show held at Central Mindanao University, Maramag, Bukidnon on September 28, 2018.

EE Granted Government Recognition

The Commission on Higher Education has granted NCMC the Government Recognition to operate the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering program last October 14, 2019 with recognition number 006, series of 2019.

Statement of Vision and Mission


• To provide the students a conducive for learning environment which allows them to stay focused and insightful of their lessons.

• To provide opportunities for practical skills develop through updated classroom facilities and equipment coupled with qualified, dedicated and value-oriented instructors.

• To establish linkages with known electrical institution which shall provide an excellent avenue for practical skills development that will set the graduates ready for employment in the local and international world market.


The School of Electrical Engineering of North Central Mindanao College (NCMC) shall be known and recognized as one of the top producers of Electrical Engineering expert whose knowledge and skills are highly competitive, and able to pursue global leadership in the bold Electrical Engineering Services.