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Personnel working under a work from home arrangement shall be required to maintain a daily time record of all tasks performed during the workday. Provided that, all employees who are on work from home arrangement shall at all times be on an “on call” status ad shall be required to render services when the need arises in the fight against COVID-19. Workers whose functions cannot be performed on a work from home arrangement shall be considered on paid leave for the duration of the enhanced community quarantine.


In connection to this, all faculty and staff having been given work from home assignments should strictly follow and observe the following:


  1. Comply work from home assignments on time.


  1. Maintain close coordination with the department head/ICED/VPs for monitoring and other work related updates and instructions.


  1. Submit work outputs on the given deadline through email or other agreed system of submission set by each department head/VP/ICED/HRO.


  1. Work from home outputs will be considered basis for compensation while enhanced community quarantine is still in progress.


  1. Endorsement from each department head must be submitted to the HRO for final work output assessment for salary release.


For employees having no work from home assignments the following must be observed accordingly:


  1. “no work, no pay” pursuant to Article 5 of the Labor Code of the Philippines, as amended, and Republic Act No. 11058, Labor Advisory No.01 Series of 2020 Section 2. Payment of Wages (a) If unworked – No pay, unless there is a favorable company policy, practice, or collective bargaining agreement (CBA) granting payment of wages on said day. When the employee has accrued leave credits, he/she may be allowed to utilize such leave so that he/she will have compensation on said days. (b) If worked – No additional pay shall be given to the employees but only their salary on said day.


  1. Must report to work as the need arise under close monitoring and supervision by the department head and HRO for the attendance report and per day compensation.


  1. Update HRO for other possible additional work incentives.



Please be guided accordingly. God bless us all!




Calendar of Events

Nov 23 - Nov 25, 2020

Semi-Final Examination

Nov 09 - Nov 21, 2020

Payment Week

Nov 05 - Nov 05, 2020

Submission of Second Semester Class Offering

Nov 03 - Nov 03, 2020

Start Processing of Clearance Graduating Students

Dec 17 - Dec 21, 2020

Final Examination

Oct 19 - Oct 21, 2020

Mid Term Examination