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Rhu Lala Brings The School-Based Immunization (Sbi) Campaign At North Central Mindanao College

Sep 30, 2022

The School-based Immunization campaign is brought to North Central Mindanao College by the Local Government of Lala's Office of the Municipal Health, which also encourages students to take advantage of the government's free immunization program to increase their protection against diseases that can be prevented by vaccination. "Immunization at schools is a method for reaching older kids and teenagers, a platform to offer a second chance for vaccination, and a good platform for integrating other public health interventions. The Office of the Municipal Health Officer currently runs a mobile vaccination program in Campus at two different places as their vaccination site in accordance with Regional Memorandum No. 481 series of 2022. The Resbakuna will be available for students ages 12 years and above. #resbakuna2022 #lgulala #tatakncmc #rhulala #resbakunakasanggangbida2022 #vaccination2022

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