College of Business Administration

Statement of Vision and Mission


To establish leadership in the field of Business Education as evidenced by excellently skilled and knowledgeable graduates who are able to compete in the local business and achieved for themselves and their prosperity, self-reliance and economic self-sufficiency.


The College of Business Administration aims to create an innovative academic environment and continually apply its intellectual resources to deliver excellent Business Education practices, research and service in the locality and committed to quality and continuous improvements in accordance with ethical standards in the conduct of business.


1. To produce value-oriented and locally competitive accounting professionals and entrepreneurs who are responsible for the needs of society.

2. To provide students with the theoretical concept and practical training in their chosen area of specialization, e.g. Marketing Management, Economics.

3. To provide students with quality business education and necessary skills relevant to their country’s needs, conditions, respirations and opportunity to achieve success in their chosen field of specialization by keeping them updated with current business issues.

4. To develop entrepreneurial attitudes and skills of business students for local competitiveness.

5. Make available, socially responsible, ethical and utilize a holistic approach to the teaching- learning process resulting in the physical and mental fitness of business graduates and students.

6. Produce businessmen, managers, and marketers whose opinions and decisions will be held in high esteem by their peers.

Core Values

  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Stands accountable for personal and professional actions.
  • DIVERSITY - Value diversity to succeed in personal and professional endeavors in a global business environment.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - Stimulates and relish opportunities for positive change through ongoing development of knowledge and skills.
  • SERVICE – Give time, skill and resources to improve our students, community and country.
  • ETHICAL CONDUCT – Adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, and ethical standards of the profession.
  • TEAMWORK – Uphold unity through respect and cultivate tolerance and a spirit of cooperation and being a team player.