Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives and Core Values

Inspired by the Divine Providence, North Central Mindanao College is a dynamic and leading research and community-based institution of learning


A dynamic learning institution, inspired by the Divine Providence, aiming for holistic, productive, and globally competitive graduates.


To provide quality education in a multicultural environment through significant programs in instruction, research productivity, extension, and community involvement.


To achieve the vision and mission of NCMC, the college shall fulfil the goals/objectives as presented in the mnemonic term “DIVINE PROVIDENCE”

Determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to be able to take the possible advantage in the future.

Intensify the faculty, staff, and members of the academe to commit professional enhancement and educational contribution to develop the culture of research.

Visualize the career opportunities of the graduates to ensure accomplishments in their respective working avenues.

Indulge in the latest trends of technology advancements for globally competitiveness.

Nurture and hone the talents and skills of students to become the role model in the society.

Encourage the staff to get involved in the academic matters.

Pave the way of the graduates to succeed in wider opportunities in life.

Responsive to the community needs in their different fields of endeavours.

Optimize the individual abilities of the faculty and staff to be more responsive to educational affairs.

Value deeply the people with meaningful wealth of experience and knowledge for a better tomorrow of the academe.

Impart desirable knowledge for lifelong learning.

Devote time to some undertakings relative to board examination performances.

Extend helping hands in some community extension projects.

Navigate the recent status of the alumni to ensure relativeness of their working conditions.

Challenge the academic constituents to be more productive in their respective fields of expertise.

Excel in all the course offerings, specifically those courses with board examinations.

Core Values

As NCMCian, he/she must possess these desirable values as presented in the mnemonic term “NCMC GOD BLESS”

Novel. He/She engages new or unusual researches in an interesting way to compete globally.

Committed. He/She feels the spirit of dedication and loyalty to a cause to any work or job.

M ulticultural. He/She relates or constitutes several cultural or ethnic groups within a society.

Conscientious. He/She wishes to do what is right, especially to do well in one’s work or duty.

God-fearing. He/She believes and practices that everything is nothing without God/Allah.

Organized. He/She arranges every circumstance in a systematic way, especially on a large scale of work assignments.

Dynamic. He/She possesses a positive attitude, new ideas, full of energy, easy to adapt change, and can work collaboratively for the betterment of the majority.

Benevolent. He/She serves charitable societies rather than a profit-making purpose.

Leading. He/She leads or commands a group, organization, and associations.

Effective. He/She produces a desired or intended result and fulfils a specified function.

Supportive. He/She provides encouragement or emotional help for those who are in need.

Systematic. He/She acts accordingly to a fixed plan or system.